Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fan Recreations of my looks

I am so blessed to have such an amazing following in youtube and before in myspace ( I dont check myspace anymore sorry) I started posting up my pictures in myspace just for fun. I really didn't think anybody would be interested in my way of expressing myself. I was very surprised when i reached 1,000 subscribers on youtube and now I have more that 10,000! I have no words to express how grateful I feel that anybody would be interested in me. I have some amazing fans and viewers and I just wanted to share some pictures I had stored in my computer from a couple of years back. Two girls sent me these pictures of recreations of looks ive done in the past. Again it blows my mind that somebody would like my designs so much that would take time to do them. I have many more pictures of fan work but I can't seem to track them down right now. I am sorry but since it was so long ago I can't seem to remember the names of these lovley ladies! If this is you please email me!!! makeupartist_liz@yahoo.com

Beautiful job ladies!!! and again thank you!!!

<3 Liz

Her take on my Edward cullen look I did for Glamourdolleyes

This one is from my halloween series. My take on frankenstein :)

These are inspired my some of my pictures on my myspace

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