Monday, May 23, 2011

WHA!?! Paper EYELASHES?! :)

Yes! you heard right! PAPER eyelashes! I first found out about them through Beautylish's website and I was completely blown away!

Paperself launched them and have 11 designs very intricately cut (my favorites are the peacock ones) They are out of this world! I am dying to have at least one pair of them! They are inspired by the art of Chinesse paper cutting and the amount of detail in these babies are amazing! I seriouly think these are going to be very trendy when they get discovered and who woudn't want to rock a pair!! They are also not very expensive... well I think! for the amount of work they look they would be to make... you can find them here. I can't wait to order me a pair and do a full review! I just had to tell you guys about them!!! Also I tried making some and it was a complete and total FAIL! ill just leave the intricate cuting to the pros! What do you guys think of these? would you wear them or not? and also what type of designs would you like to see in the future? Till then Ill just leave you with these amazing photos! Enjoy!

Makeupholicliz! :)

For more pictures go to this website!

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